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Apple Cinema Display 27" Widescreen Monitor Review

Apple Cinema Display 27" Widescreen Monitor Review


Apple Cinema Display 27" Widescreen Monitor Review

The Apple Cinema Display combines a sleek, clean aesthetic, with an impressive screen that puts most computer monitors to shame. It’s important to mention right away that if you’re considering buying this, be sure to have a Mac with a Mini DisplayPort connection available, otherwise you’ll be in a spot of trouble.

This display is not compatible with PCs or older Mac operating systems. But if you are in the market for a new display, have the right equipment, and your budget can stretch between 500-1000 dollars, then the 27-inch Cinema Display may be an ideal match for you.

Not only will the Apple 27-inch Cinema Display help to improve your productivity with its excellent image quality and accommodating size, but it'll also look great bringing a modern touch to your workspace.

At such a large size, this display will also come in handy when working on graphics and video editing projects. In addition to the Macintosh operating system’s focus on sleek, simple user interface, your work and creative projects will be done with convenience and style.

Feature Highlights

  • A 2.1 built-in speaker system
  • LED backlighting
  • 2.0 USB ports
  • Incorporated iSight camera & microphone
  • VESA mounting solution compatibility
  • Included security lock slot

Features and Design

Videos and pictures appear crisp and clear on the 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display. The display features a 2560 x 1440 resolution, a matte anti-glare coating that resists fingerprints, and IPS technology for wide viewing angles. With seven inbuilt speakers, you can enjoy amazing sound without having to hook up external equipment.

Connect the display with your Mac using a single cable connected to one port, then extend to a second display via the mini-display port. The thin design makes this display ideal for use on a wall or desktop with limited space. This stunning all-in-one monitor is ideally suited for multitasking creative professionals and multimedia enthusiasts alike.

The display is also equipped with an ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts its brightness to suit the conditions in your room. This protects the backlight, making it last longer and saving you money on buying replacement lamps for the display.


Sadly, you don't get an anti glare option here. Apple has decided to go with a glossy picture that can produce a lot of obscuring reflection.

This means that if you have a light source in your room or work area (say, if you're in an office with fluorescent lights), you’ll likely notice the reflection. It's not terrible, but it can be distracting depending on where you place the screen.

Moreover, the amount of ergonomic customization in this model is frankly limited. This design’s viewing angle can only be manipulated by around 10 degrees, so be prepared to accommodate your work setup around this limitation.

Ultimately, if you’re invested in the Apple ecosystem, are comfortable with a screen that has a high propensity to reflect background light, and like the idea of a large, glossy work display, then you'll like what Apple has done here.

It may be expensive right off the shelf, but everything it offers is of a high quality and will give you years of service if you treat it well.

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